How do I get rid of mosquitoes in my backyard DIY?

April, 28, 2023

How do I get rid of mosquitoes in my backyard DIY?

Spending time outdoors looks quite dreamy and pleasant, isn’t it? 

Only until you hear the mosquitoes buzzing. As summer approaches, mosquitoes become active and start their reproduction swiftly. In Houston, residents often see a peak in mosquito breeding from April to September each year.

At your wit’s end, have you ever wondered how these mosquitoes enter your house or apartment?

Anyone who lives in an area where the prevalence of mosquitoes is quite high can understand the constant struggle to keep them under control. Mosquitoes are prone to fatal diseases like yellow fever, dengue, and malaria.

Mosquitoes are often attracted to dark and humid places. They thrive in high moisture and shady area because that’s where they can breed. Some of their common habitats are –

  • Under the leaves
  • Over the tall grasses and hollow trees
  • Drained, dumped, and standing water

Let’s discuss how to keep these mosquitoes at bay-:

DIY Tricks to control mosquitoes in your backyard

1. Stop mosquitoes from entering your home

Make sure you prevent mosquitoes from coming into your house. All you have to do is tightly close all windows and doors when the sun is going down. They start breeding when temperatures rise above 50 degrees.

They become highly active during dusk. So, in case you have damaged windows or door screens, repair them immediately. Eliminate mosquito shelters in your yard and cut back shrubs and vines to stop mosquitoes from breeding. Moreover, remove all the clutter, tires, and junk from your yard and lawn. 

And lastly, hire professionals for mosquito control services to treat shaded areas with a pest spray treatment.

2. Stop mosquitoes from breeding 

Collected water from your air conditioner or small pond in your garden can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Secondly, prolonging the cleaning of kitchen lofts or storerooms often give them a chance to make a nest there.

All you have to do is keep cleaning the dump or drain water inside your house to eliminate egg-laying sites. Keep changing the water regularly in a dog dish, bird bath, or plant pot to eliminate nutrients.

Maintain a proper cleaning routine in your storerooms and kitchen where you stalk up old items.

3. Place mosquito-repellent plants

An easy way to get rid of mosquitoes from your house is to place indoor mosquito repellent plants inside your home. Mosquito-repellent plants include lemongrass., citronella, Tulsi, Marigold, Catnip, and Mint.

Since these plants are smaller you can keep them on your work desk or beside your bed for a mosquito-free corner. They will not only keep mosquitoes away but also mice and pests too.

4. Put sliced lemon and cloves around the house

Sounds a little weird, right? But, yes, it works.

This is a tried and tested method to keep your house and backyard mosquito-free. All you have to do is cut a lemon and push a clove into it. Place them around your house.

Mosquitoes are averse to the smell of cloves or anything that smell citrusy. You can put clove-infused lemons on a plate and place them inside your house until you book mosquito control in Houston!

5. Use garlic spray to control mosquitoes

Kitchen ingredients are great hacks to control mosquitoes. All you have to do is crush or smash a few garlic cloves and boil them in the water. Stir and pour the water into a spray bottle. Let it cool down naturally. Now, spray it around your house, in dark corners in the backyard, and on tall plants to control mosquitoes at home.

The smell of Garlic is quite strong. It can dissipate or kill mosquitoes as they can’t smell it for long.

6. The Stench of Camphor

You probably know that camphor is one the best ointments that people rub on their chests when sick with a cold.

Just as the stench of camphor opens up the nasal, in the same way, it helps in keeping mosquitoes at bay since they’re easily overwhelmed by its pungent.

All you have to do is tightly close all the doors and windows and light camphor in your background. In just half an hour, you won’t find any mosquitoes near your backyard.

For the best result, put camphor tablets into a bowl of water and replace them every week. The scent will quickly drive them away from your house.

7. Place a fan in your backyard

Are mosquitoes making it hard to enjoy the balcony view? Pick up a fan.

Aggravating insects like mosquitoes are not strong fliers in front of serious breeze. Placing a fan in your balcony or enclosed corners will be a bonus for you too during such super hot and humid mosquito-riddled months.

8. Install the Sprinkler System 

Many times faulty sprinkler system is responsible for the murky puddles you find in the morning. These puddles attract sand and become prone to breeding mosquitoes.

The sprinkling system will evenly irrigate the plants with less water since it includes cleaning heads, adjustable watering sessions, and stream direction. Install this system in your backyard to keep mosquitoes at bay. Ensure to clean and audit the system twice a year to ensure that watering sessions are timed correctly.

The Final Words

Nothing ruins warm weather fun as mosquitoes bite. From irritating to serious illness, mosquitoes can do much more if they keep on breeding in your backyard. Take extensive care of your house and try these proven methods to control mosquitoes in the best possible ways.

You can always hire Conquest Pest Services for Mosquito Control in Houston. Our team has the best solutions and less chemical-laden treatments to get rid of mosquitoes and keep your house bug-bite-free.

Give us a call today!


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