Bed Bug Warning Signs – Everything You Need to Know

May, 19, 2023

Bed Bug Warning Signs – Everything You Need to Know

Did you just notice a flat, oval-shaped, and reddish-brown-colored insect in your bedroom?

Those are Bedbugs!

Bed Bugs feed on blood from animals or humans and hide inside mattresses, carpets, bed frames, or clothing. This happens mostly at night while you are sleeping. So, if you find tiny bite marks on your back, or feel itchy, you may have been attacked by bedbugs. Such itching

through over-the-counter and at-home ointments.  

How will I know if I have bed bugs in my house?

Your first obvious sign would be a bed bug bite on your body…

Furthermore, you may start to smell a sweet and musty odor and see reddish or rust-colored stains on your bed sheets, wardrobe, or cushions. It is bed bugs’ excretion they leave behind. 

Have you spotted these early signs? If so, this needs immediate attention before the infestation spreads.

 So, where do bed bugs bite?

Bed Bugs don’t have wings. They get into your home either by taking a ride in your luggage or clothing. They may travel from one place to another and start to breed in bedrooms where human blood is available readily. Moreover, bed bugs can bite anywhere on your skin. They excrete a very small amount of anesthetic before feeding on people. So, you won’t feel it. However, it may take a few days for your body to show signs of repeated biting from bed bugs. They target those areas that come in direct contact with your bed:

    • Arms
    • Back
    • Face
    • Neck
    • Legs

What are the common symptoms of bed bug bites?

In most cases, bed bugs don’t typically require any medical attention. However, they can cause a great deal of anxiety and restless nights. Some of the common symptoms of bed bug bites include:

    • Itchiness on your body with pimples and rashes
    • Inflammation and burning sensation
    • Red and swollen marks, at the center of each bite

 symptoms of bed bug bites

Apart from sensational symptoms, you may spot blood stains on bed sheets too. So, if you have exposed skin in contact with the mattress, you will most likely get bed bug bites.

In very rare cases, bed bug bites can cause serious reactions. Some of the serious and life-threatening reactions, also known as anaphylaxis are :

    • Difficulty in breathing
    • Swollen tongue
    • Blisters
    • Fever
    • Irregular heartbeat
    • Feeling extremely sick

It is, therefore, essential to prevent bed bug infestation from spreading. Most cases require a professional for complete bed bug treatment

Treatment for Bed bug Bite

Prevention is better than cure. The only way to stop the bedbug bites, you must get the infestation under control quickly. However, if you have bite marks, you can try DIY treatments that will help you reduce itchiness quickly.

The first recommended bedbug bite treatment is gently washing and cleaning the wound with water and soap.

If you are feeling extreme itchiness, see a doctor immediately and ask about the following ointments to get some relief:

  • Anti-itching creams
  • OTC hydrocortisone
  • Antihistamines

Bed bug Bite treatment

It may take a week or two to heal your wounds completely. Until then, connect with a bed bug exterminator in Houston and start treating a bedbug-free household.


If you’re struggling with Bed Bug infestation in your room or home, you must act now. Bed Bugs are tiny parasites that can be difficult to remove with DIY methods. We at  Conquest Pest Control have combined 12 years of experience in bed bug control and elimination. Give us a call to get a free inspection and estimate for your bedbug control needs.

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