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    Mice eat and drink everything humans do. They seek out a house with easily available food and shelter. Once they get comfortable, then they multiply and don' leave.

    Rats are bigger than mice and often go in and out of the house. They also eat easily available human food. They carry additional risk of disease and are harder to get rid of.

    Eat wires which may cause costly repairs. If electrical wires are chewed and go unnoticed, it can start a fire.
    When rodents die inside your home, they start to decay. This causes intolerable odor which takes weeks to go away.
    Rodents leave their droppings everywhere. These droppings are infested with harmful microorganism like bacteria and viruses.
    Mice and Rats are most active during night. They produce disturbing noises when they traverse through attics and wall-voids.

    How do I get rid of them?

    1. Fill in small openings around your house which may allow rodents to enter.
    2. Install bait-stations to kill them before they enter your house.
    3. If they are inside your house, install traps to catch them quickly.

    What we do ...


    Rodent Techs strategically set up bait stations outside to deter small rodents from seeking food inside your home or business.


    We use tried and true trapping methods to catch and eliminate rodents inside your home, attic or business.


    This is the most important step. Identify the point of entries and find solutions to make your house rodent proof.



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    Customer Reviews

    “We bought a new house in October and soon noticed rat droppings in my garage. After several failed attempts to catch the rat, we called Conquest. Rat was caught in only two days after they installed traps”

    Katherine, Stafford TX

    “Their tech is very experienced in catching mice. We had seen some signs of mice droppings but didn’t know what to do. Conquest tech setup traps and baits around my house. We caught and killed 11 mice within a week”

    Jalen Saros, Sugarland TX

    “Each winter we get rats in our attic. I have installed some wires to keep rats from entering my attic space but still 2 to 3 rats managed to get in the attic. Conquest recommend bait stations to keep rats away from my attic and it has worked so far”

    Jorge Hernandez, Missouri City TX

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