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General Pest Control

  • Comprehensive interior and exterior
    inspection and treatment.
  • Four follow-up exterior treatments
    scheduled quarterly.
  • Trained, licensed, bonded and insured technicians.
  • Rates valid for House up to 3500 sq-ft
$149 No Initial Service Fee
$99 Quarterly Service Plan
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Termite Control

  • Detailed inspection for termites
    inside and outside the building
  • Treat using trenching, rodding
    and bait systems.
  • Yearly inspection and Treatment
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Mosquito Control

  • Continued mosquito control
    throughout breeding season
  • Misting treatment for quick knock-down
  • Protect yourself & your family
    from mosquitoes
  • Rates valid for yards up to 3000 sq-ft
$59 No Initial Service Fees
$69 Monthly Plan
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One Time Mosquito Control

  • Inspect mosquito friendly spots
    around your house.
  • Thoroughly treat your yard,
    foliage and conducive spots.
  • Free consultation to minimize
    mosquito breeding
  • Rates valid for yards up to 3000 sq-ft
$149 For One Time Service
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Bed Bug Control

  • One comprehensive inspection
    for bedbugs
  • Heat Treatment for instant kill
  • Aerosol treatment for residual control
  • Dusting treatment for bedbugs
    hiding in cracks & crevices
$250 One Time Service
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Tick Control

  • Protect your pest and children
  • Kill ticks and prevent
    Lyme disease.
  • Use growth regulators to
    to arrest tick development
  • Rates valid for yards up to 3000 sq-ft
$59 We don’t charge any Initial Payment
As Low As $99 Monthly Payment
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