Silver Fish

Latin Name:Lepisma saccharina
Length:12-19 mm
Color:White to brown-grey or bluish-silver in color
Digestive Tract:Yes

Silverfish and firebrats can be nuisances in homes, consuming and staining books, fabric, foods, and wallpaper. These insects prefer starchy foods such as flour, rolled oats, paper, or glue. Significant damage occurs only if a large population is present for a long period. Damaged paper may have notched edges or holes. Book bindings can have ragged edges or marks. Items can be stained by fecal material, cast skins, or scales

Silver Fish Control

Although sanitation can help prevent infestations of silverfish and firebrats, it cannot be used alone to eliminate infestations. Remove old books, magazines, and newspapers. If fabrics have been stored for long periods, inspect them for damage or infestation. Store books or fabrics in sealed plastic containers. To kill silverfish in valuable books or papers, seal the items in plastic bags and place them in the freezer for several days.

Target insecticide treatments to cracks, crevices, closets, attics, and areas around baseboards. For large infestations, small holes may be drilled in walls to treat the wall void.

The services of a pest control operator may be needed if the population is large, persistent, or hard to find