Frequently Asked Questions

How often do I need my house treated for pest?
Your house service could be scheduled for monthly, every 2 months or every 3 months (recommended).
Do you charge more for first service?
No. Your price is customized to fit your pest management needs. We do not charge extra for first service.
What to Expect on Initial Service?
The 1st service focuses on the handling your main pest problem with an inside & an outside barrier treatment. Your technician will conduct an Intensive inside flush-out for pests you see & pests you don’t! And we’ll also inspect and treat the entire perimeter of your home, focusing on common pest entry points to help prevent new home invasions.
How much do you charge for call back service if pest problem does not go away?
There is no additional cost for call back service between your regularly scheduled service.
What if I need to reschedule my appointment?
You can reschedule your appointment any time prior to service by calling Conquest Pest Control at 832-786-9792 or email us at
Why do you have to treat inside? Can’t you just get them from the outside?
Many pests can and do actually live inside of your home/business. If these are not addressed, your pest problem will persist. We strive to select minimally invasive, odorless products that are applied to strategic areas to control these pests.
It rained after you treated the outside of my home/business. Doesn’t that stuff wash away?
We have products for wet and dry situations. Whichever formulation we imply is meant to adhere and bind with the soil or treated surface. We do not want our products leeching away.
Are your technicians licensed and bonded? I am not comfortable leaving someone alone in my house?
Yes, our technicians are licensed and bonded. They undergo rigorous training and re-certification programs.
I have other questions, where can I find answers?
Visit our  Contact page to reach out to us. We will have all your questions answered within 24 hours.